Sarah Platt
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First Arist:  Sarah, Jeez you've gotta cover up that painting! This is some kinda Catholic holiday. What are those angels doin anyway?
Sarah: They're know. C'mon don't you know?
First Artist: That's what I thought. Look what they're doin with their hands!
Second Artist: I think that it's sexy a hell. The one on top looks a lot like Robin Upchurch the City Prosecutor doncha think?
First Artist: How would I know? Not Cool out here Sarah. We gotta cover it up. Quick here comes some people from church! This is probably why you got the ticket!
Sarah covers her work
Second Artist: And the guy underneath looks alot like that Mark Knight guy in Planning and Zoning or whatever. You got any prints of that Sarah?
Sarah: No and I don't know who those people are that you are talking about. It's just two angels enjoying earthly carnal desires.
First Artist: Aha ! I thought so.